News 2020-2021

Summer training :)

It is that time of the year again… GVC Summer training sessions! “Nice! Does it mean: Dynamic soccer exercises, sunset evenings, men and women together?” Exactly! “Great! Tell me more! When and where?!…” Monday’s from 19 to 21h. “Monday?” Yes, Monday! Instead of Tuesday. And also, Thursday from […]

GVC1 – road to season 2021/2022

The first team has started preparing for season 2021/2022. Rather than mourning about the corona restrictions, GVC is using the spring months to prepare for the upcoming season. The prospect for season 2021/2022 is good. Most of the squad will stay. Meanwhile, there are already several reinforcements. On […]

Anticipating the end of corona winter…

Okay guys and girls, in this post we will (very shortly) contemplate about our current miseries of not being able to play football. Yet, after we have cleared our heart, we will fantasize about the good things that are about to come… Unfortunately, Corona and the associated restrictions […]

Wedstrijden: Richtlijnen omtrent corona

Beste tegenstander, als u een wedstrijd komt spelen tegen een GVC-team, dan gelden de volgende coronarichtlijnen, zoals opgesteld door het universitair sportcentrum: Coronavoorschriften bij competitiedagen/wedstrijden Zowel bezoekende als thuisspelende teams verzamelen buiten het SCB. In principe bij de hoofdingang maar er mag ook iets anders afgesproken worden. Daarna […]