Privacy Policy GVC


GVC is convinced that protection of personal data is essential. Therefore, GVC would like to provide transparency about its privacy policy and the way GVC handles personal data of all its current members, old members, donors, and visitors of the website of GVC. We will do everything within our power to maintain privacy of these parties and will thus carefully handle all personal data. Accordingly, the processing of personal data is limited to only data that is required for the purposes for which they are processed.

Which personal data is involved?

 Current members

  • All information entered in the subscription form and a profile picture.

Old members

  • First name, Last name and email address.

Visitors of the website

  • No information of visitors of our website is collected.

What is the personal data used for?

Current members

  • General information: Newsletters and invitations for events.
  • For providing trainings (All relevant information goes to SCB The Bongerd, SWU Thymos and the KNVB*).
  • Analysis of member numbers and composition.
  • Control of contribution payment.
  • Subscription at the Bongerd and the KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond/ Royal Dutch Football Association).
  • Promotion of the association.

Old Members

  • General information: Newsletters and invitations for events.

Visitors of the website

  • Does not apply.

Social media and website

GVC will provide members and other interested persons of information about activities within the association through social media and the website. The used images and texts will be carefully selected. It is possible to object if the selected materials are found to be undesired (See ‘your rights regarding your data’ for more information).


Information of the association is kept in a safe place and is only accessible by the board. Committees might gain access to part of the information if the board will find this access relevant.

Use of personal data by third parties.

GVC does not grant access to personal data to any third party for Commercial, charitable or any other purposes.

The use of cookies does not use cookies for of its services.

Your right regarding your data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. If you want to do any of these things you can contact us at:


Do you have questions or comments about our privacy policy after reading this document? Or do you see possible vulnerabilities? Then please contact us at:


GVC has the right to make any amendments to the privacy policy it deems necessary. All members will be notified when any significant amendments are made.