How much is the contribution?

Good news for you, poor student: GVC has one of the cheapest membership fees of all football clubs in the Netherlands. This is possible because we use the facilities of the Bongerd and are supported by the student sport association Thymos.

As we use the facilities of the Bongerd, all GVC members require sports rights at the Bongerd, which cost €109 euros. You can purchase them here.

The membership contribution of GVC is as follows:

Full member (Training + matches on Saturday/Sunday)

  • Full year: € 80
  • Half year: € 50

Training members (women only)

  • Full year: € 50
  • Half year: € 30

Graduate/PhD members

  • Full year: € 120
  • Half year: € 70

A years contribution allows you to play and/or train at GVC from September 1st until July 31st, and half year from September 1st until March 14th or from January 31st until July 31st.

Read more about how you can subscribe.