Summer training

Why stop with what we like doing most? Even though there are no matches, at GVC we continue with the training sessions all summer long. At other clubs nothing goes on in the June and July month (boring!), at GVC you are welcome to play football every Tuesday and Thursday from 20.00h (men) and Wednesday from 19.45h (women)*. The training sessions will be a bit less intense, with room for ‘partijtje’ (a practice match), yet will also contain a bit of condition, technical and tactical exercises. So, the perfect combination of satisfaction and fun on a long summer evening. At GVC, there should be no excuses for being out of condition at the start of the new season.

@Future/New members: You are welcome to join our training sessions and to get an idea of the GVC atmosphere.

* The ladies training sessions are subject to a minimum number of registrations. Every week again, it will be assessed by internal communication if enough women are present. If you do not have contact with our trainer Marcel Wenneker and would like to be informed whether there is training or not, please send an email to

summer football