We have four men and one women team. All teams participate in official KNVB competitions. Matches are scheduled in the weekend, and are played outdoor, on grass or artificial grass. All teams join in 11 vs. 11 competitions, on Saturday or Sunday. 

The highest men team, GVC 1, performs in the so called Standard Class. This means that this GVC flagship only plays against the best teams of ‘rivalry’ clubs.

Since the season 2020-2021, GVC has a women’s 11×11 team again, playing on Saturday.

Then we have three other men team. GVC 2 and GVC 3, which play on Saturday. And, of course, GVC Sunday!  

The field competition in the Netherlands runs from September until May, with a two month break during the winter, and is organised by the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association). During the season your team will compete in a competition with other (non-student) teams around Wageningen. Every weekend matches are scheduled, either at the away ground or at our home ground: University Sport Complex „De Bongerd‟ (a state-of-the-art artificial pitch).