Becoming a GVC member

If you are a student/ PhD’er at the Wageningen University, or if you are a recent graduate, you are eligible to become a GVC member. If you are not sure yet if you want to join GVC, you can join our trial trainings. We have two trial periods per year, one during the end of August to early September, and one in the middle of February. You are welcome to join trainings for free, so you can figure out if GVC is the right club for you. The exact dates of the trial periods will be posted on our homepage and on Instagram.

If you are thinking about joining us, you can subscribe here, please make sure you have bought yearly sport rights from de Bongerd.

Want to play matches?

If you do not only want to join GVC trainings, but also want to join matches, please register as soon as possible as a match student/graduate. Once you have subscribed, we will arrange your registration with the KNVB (the dutch football association). However, it might take some time before you are properly registered. Thus, to avoid a situation in which you cannot play the upcoming match, join as soon as you know GVC is the right club for you!

Please note that if you want to join our first team, it is best to join before the 15th of June. This is the deadline of registration for first team players, set by the KNVB. If you register with us after this date, it will become more troublesome to register you for the coming season. You are of course still allowed to play for any of our other teams in the meantime!