GVC Sunday

GVC also offers the possibility to play on Sundays. What could be nicer than start the last day of the weekend kicking about? And, if there is an away match, to explore the abandoned Sunday morning Dutch countryside, and play on real wet grass?

For some, the night may be short, but no matter how little they sleep, the Sunday guys fight for every meter. There are one or two who sometimes come straight from the pub. The team commitment is so strong, that people visiting a festival, travel early morning to Wageningen to be together with the team and play.

Is it really that early? Well, 11 o’clock at home, and away games typically start between 10 and 12. Is it worth waking up on a Sunday morning? Yeah, definitively!

For years, the Sunday team has ranked among the best performing GVC teams. To keep up the level, come and join!