Preparation season 2021/2022

Who knows what corona has in store for us? Yet, as it stands now: New competitions are being made, match days are settled, and all we know is that if the competition 2021/2021 starts, we want to be fully prepared!

All GVC teams therefore will use the upcoming weeks and months to get prepared. The ‘serious’ preparation starts end of August, when students – old and new – return or arrive in Wageningen. Yet, throughout the whole summer, old and new footballers can join the SummerTraining sessions, to get a headstart.

Regarding the ‘serious’ season preparation: This will involve training sessions and practice matches. For all teams, there will be a selection process when it comes to playing matches. At lower teams this will not be ‘super strict’, but it does require experience in playing football. The reason is that we want all teams to be competitive. one cannot join a orchestra performance if one cannot play an instrument – therefore, one first has to practice.

For GVC 1 and 2, of course, strict selection criteria will apply. From end of August onwards, there will be Saturday selection training sessions. In addition, there will be practice matches. Both the Saturday and practice matches of the selection can only be attended on invitation.

If you want to join those sessions of the GVC selection, then the way to go is to first join the regular training sessions, during the week-time. If you have the skills to join the highest selection, the trainers will surely notice this and invite you to join on Saturday! (And: If you do not get invited, do not despair; the other GVC teams are nice as well, and harbor great football talents!)

The competition will start in the weekend of Saturday September 25th (GVC has Saturday and Sunday teams). That may seem far away in the future. Yet, it is never too early to start preparing… 🙂