Competition GVC 1 season 2021/2022

The KNVB has published the team divisions for the season 2021/2022. GVC 1 is placed in the desired region; it will play against clubs from Wageningen and the bordering areas of the Veluwe and Betuwe region (see map below). As such, GVC 1 will play city derbies (against Wageningen and WAVV) and cross swords with the best football teams of the Betuwe villages Kesteren, Lienden, IJzendoorn (Uchta), Dodewaard, Opheusden (DFS) and Heteren (SDOO). Opponents from the Veluwe area are Fortissimo (Ede), Wodanseck (Wolfheze) and CHRC (Heelsum).

Most of these opponents are old foes. Most of these opponents have fallen victim to GVC 1 during the last couple of confrontations, others have shown to be a thorn in the flesh. Let’s have a look, going back to summer 2018:

– wvv Wageningen: out of 3 matches played, 3 victories! Surely, wvv Wageningen will be thirsty to take revenge, so interesting derbies coming up.
– WAVV: out of 2 matches played, 2 losses. In those two matches, WAVV showed deadly goal orientation. Time for revenge!
– Lienden: out of 3 matches played, 2 victories for GVC1. (Sidenote: The last match was a shameless heavy defeat, due to corona issues, an early red card and – give credit where credit is due – a revived and razor sharp Lienden.)
– Dodewaard: out of 3 matches played, 1 victory and 1 draw. A tough side, with especially a good track record in home games.
– Wodanseck (Wolfheze): out of 3 matches played, 3 victories!
– Kesteren: out of 3 matches played, no points at all. … What’s going on here!? It looks like the energetic and physical playing still of Kesteren does not suit GVC 1. Time for revenge!
– Uchta (IJzendoorn): out of 2 matches played, 2 victories.
– SDOO (Heteren): out of 1 matched played, 1 victory.
– Fortissimo (Ede): out of 2 matches played, 1 victory. Nice and good opponent, playing lovely football.

To go short, GVC 1 has a reputation to uphold, but also some issues to settle. It will for sure be an exciting season!

The competition will start halfway through September. GVC 1 will start the preparation end of August, when the academic year is about to start and students have arrived in/returned to Wageningen.

Map of the teams in the 2021/2022 competition 4A East Saturday. Source of the map: