News 2021-2022

Making up the balance

Before the season the GVC technical staff set the goal of finishing top 5 with each and every team. We recently posted that the staff was close to obtaining this goal. So, how did we do? GVC Ladies: 5th, but somewhat disappointed with spoiling the 2nd place in […]

Weeks of truth

At the start of the season, the technical staff of GVC set themselves the ambitious task of a top 5 position for all teams. Now that the final phase of the competition is about the start, it is time for a ‘midterm’ evaluation: Are the teams still on […]

Up we go!

The first weeks of the season are behind us. In the first matches of the season, all teams tasted the sweetness of victory. With current table rankings from 2nd to 4th, the GVC Ladies and the GVC Men teams 2, 3 and Sunday teams are on the right […]

Preparation season 2021/2022

Who knows what corona has in store for us? Yet, as it stands now: New competitions are being made, match days are settled, and all we know is that if the competition 2021/2021 starts, we want to be fully prepared! All GVC teams therefore will use the upcoming […]