Weeks of truth

At the start of the season, the technical staff of GVC set themselves the ambitious task of a top 5 position for all teams. Now that the final phase of the competition is about the start, it is time for a ‘midterm’ evaluation: Are the teams still on track? And, what are the challenges for the final matches?

The answer is: The teams are very much on track! The GVC ladies are placed 4th on the table, and so are the men teams GVC 2 and GVC 3. For these teams there is no more chance to become champion, and the challenge is the consolidation of their top 5 position.

Life is even better for GVC Sunday, the guys of GVC Sunday are currently top of the table. Despite two consecutive losses against direct rivals, they still have everything in their own hands. Can GVC Sunday cope with the pressure, or will they break down in the final stages of the season?

Finally, the flagship of the GVC men teams, GVC 1, has, after an impressive strong run in early 2022, climbed up to the 6th position. If the guys keep performing at the same level, they will quite likely finish in the season in the top 5. Even more exciting, GVC 1 still have good cards to become 4th, which will give them at ticket for promotion games. Exciting weeks to come!