Meet the Rising Stars of Our New GVC 3 Sunday Team

As you might already know, GVC has been growing faster than a football rolling across the pitch! Over the past few years, the number of members has been increasing, for both the men and women. With this influx of players, it was only natural to field new teams. 

The men of GVC3 Sunday

At the beginning of the 2023-2024 season, there were so many new potential male players that there was no space for all of them in the existing teams. However, we wanted to avoid disappointing a large group of men due to the lack of space in the existing teams of GVC. Therefore, action needed to be taken quickly. 

The current trainers of GVC were willing to train the new men. Liam Blok, current chair of GVC, offered to coach them during the Sunday matches. Additionally, The Bongerd gave GVC the green light to approach the KNVB to explore the possibility of forming a new Sunday team.

It was a little tense, since the registration of new teams normally takes place before the summer. GVC got lucky; there was still space in a regional 7th class league. The KNVB approved the registration of a new team: GVC 3 Sunday!

The men of GVC 3 Sunday have all made their debut for GVC by now. It is a fun team with players who enjoy playing on the weekends, but also strive for victory. At the moment, GVC 3 Sunday has 4 points out of 4 games. They still have some games to catch up on because of the last-minute registration. We hope to see more of both their skills and their enjoyment!

The men of GVC 3 Sunday are currently playing in the away kits of other GVC teams. That is why they are searching for a shirt sponsor for their own jerseys. If you or someone you know would like to support this team in this way, please feel free to contact us at