It’s winterbreak, a good time to talk a little about the state of affairs of GVC. Most of the teams have played around ten matches, which means we’re almost halfway the season already! What we see in the standings of all the teams is that it’s all pretty tight and lots of opportunities for all teams to move up further on the leaderboard. For some teams this is because they know they can beat the teams above them, for another team this is because they still have a lot of games to catch up on.

For GVC1 it will be an exciting second half of the season. Next season, there will be a new ‘Standard 5th class’. This means that this season and next season the teams that finish with the bottom five of the league, will directly relegate to this new 5th class. Right now, GVC1 has the 8th spot in the league, while only the 7th spot is ‘safe’. We wish the guys all the best and a good fighting spirit for this second half of the season.

At the start of the second half of the season some people will leave GVC for an internship/thesis/work abroad and we will welcome some people back that were abroad the past few months. Unfortunately, there are also some people who got injured and will have to recover for some weeks/ months or some will not come back at all this season. We wish all of them a prosperous recovery!

In February there will be a sport right free week again, in which potentially new members can get to know GVC. Especially for the men’s teams we could use some extra players, so please join these trainings or already send an email if you would like to join sooner!