Introducing the ladies of GVC VR1 Sunday!

As you might already know, GVC has been growing faster than a football rolling across the pitch! Over the past few years, the number of members has been increasing, for both the men and women. With this influx of players, it was only natural to field new teams. 

The ladies side of GVC has also seen remarkable growth in the last few years. After a surplus of players last season, the decision was made to register a second women’’s team for this season – a call made before the summer already. The suspense rose as we awaited the influx of new girls interested in joining GVC.  

Fortunately, a surge of enthusiastic ladies expressed their eagerness to play on Sunday, including experienced players transitioning from GVC VR1 Saturday or other clubs, and those playing their first official matches. We are delighted by the willingness of all these girls to make this team a reality. And we are also grateful to the coaches of the ladies, who have stepped up to coach the girls during Sunday matches as well. 

Last Sunday, the ladies earned their first hard fought point in a 3-3 draw against Beuningse Boys VR3. Upcoming Sunday, 17th of December, they play their final game of the calendar year at the Bongerd at 14:30h. With 3 more points, they can go into the winter break with a positive turn of form. 

While the new women’s team is not entirely self-sufficient yet, with a notable absence of a goalkeeper, we are thankful that the ladies who typically play their games on Saturdays  are just as eager to lace up their shoes and hit the field again on Sundays. A real team effort, as we like to see at GVC! A warm welcome to GVC VR1 Sunday!

If you are interested in being a goalie or player on this team, feel free to contact us at You can train with us to see if GVC is the right club for you!