GVC1 victims in season 2022/2023

The KNVB has published the new competition arrangement. And, there is somewhat of a surprise for GVC1… Rather than being oriented towards the Betuwe (the riverine area south of Wageningen), in the season 2022-2023 GVC1 will be performing towards the Veluwe (the forest area northeast of Wageningen).

The map shown below provides a nice overview of the clubs. The opponents are, from south to north: wvv Wageningen, Redichem, CHRC (Heelsum), Wodanseck (Wolfheze), Fortissimo (Ede), Ede-Victoria, SDS’55 (Wekerom), sv Harskamp, vv Barneveld, vv Stroe, and Rood-Wit’58 (Putten).

In this competition, GVC we face many challenging contenders, amongst which Fortissimo, Redichem, SDS’55, Harskamp, Stroe and Rood-Wit. This is exactly what we were looking for. This is gonna be fun!…