Head Coach Joost de Jong Bids Farewell to GVC

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of our esteemed men’s head coach, Joost de Jong. Joost, who has been part of GVC for many years, both on and off the field, is moving on to a new chapter in his coaching career at SKV. The news has been circulating already, but we are now sharing an official statement from GVC and Joost himself.

Reflecting upon his departure, Joost shared his heartfelt thoughts:

“Sometimes one has to make a decision that one does not want to make. Quitting as GVC coach is exactly such a decision. Looking back at the past season and forward to next, I came to the hard realisation that it is better for GVC if somebody else takes over.

I did not want to make this decision, because I am perfectly aware of what I lose: a football and social experience that I probably will not find anywhere else. Managing such a diverse, skilled, and talented group of people from all over the world is a joyful and enriching experience that made me a better coach and a better person. Yet, the job also comes with many challenges. Now is the right time for a new coach to step in. Someone who can tackle these challenges in a positive way.

Whilst respecting the freedom of the new coach, I would like to take up a role in the background. I am not ready to sever ties with GVC completely, because I do not want to abandon the club just like that. I am very much willing to share my experience if desired. Moreover, I find it difficult to bid farewell; I simply wish to stay connected.

I believe that GVC1, and the club as a whole, are in good shape to perform well. With the integration of new arrivals from last month and those expected in August and September, I think that GVC1 will be a team to be feared by every opponent in the league next season.

For now, I wish the new GVC men’s head coach much success and joy!”

On behalf of everyone at GVC, the board responded and expressed their gratitude and best wishes for Joost:

“We are very well aware that we are losing a pure golden coach and person. You have been the cornerstone of this complex context that is GVC, and we will never be able to thank you enough for that.

We are grateful that you have filled our glasses of knowledge with lots of valuable information, and we hope to stay connected to continue this uplifting exchange. You are forever welcome to drop by at any GVC match, training or other celebration, Joost.

As you move onto your new adventure, we wish you all the best in shaping the future of Dutch football at SKV. We hope SKV will bring you all you need to develop your coaching skills further.

For all the time, commitment, and effort that you have put into making GVC grow, a thousand times THANK YOU.”

As Joost embarks on this new adventure, we look back fondly at the years he spent at GVC. Joost has been a cornerstone of our club, not only leading GVC1 with passion and dedication but also contributing immensely to the dynamic (student) community that defines GVC. His journey with us began during his student years, playing for GVC and eventually transitioning into a coaching role. Even as a coach, Joost occasionally put on his football shoes to join teams on the pitch, showcasing his enduring love for the game. The series of photos from his time at GVC below captures the memorable moments and the legacy he leaves behind.

Joost with the GVC1 squad 23/24
Joost presenting at a GMM
Joost (second middle from the left) celebrating a victory away at Rood Wit
Joost (right) while on the board of GVC
Celebrations after a 1-0 victory over WVV where Joost featured in goal. Photo: Dick Martens
Linesman Joost