Super May

The month of May is about to start. And therewith: The climax of the competition. In May GVC will be playing the final four matches, including two high ranked teams (Ede-Victoria and Stroe), and an historic rival (Wageningen).

After a low period at the start of 2019 – four (!) consecutive losses – the GVC selection regained its’ strength. With two comfortable victories, GVC is still battling for a top four or even top three position. Best of all news: Those guys (Jurrian, Jort and Joost) who got severely injured, have made or are making their return to the pitch.

During Super May, GVC plays two home matches (May 4th Ede-Victoria; May 18th Stroe) and one away match in Wageningen (May 25th). Please be welcome to experience the apotheosis and through your support raise the team up to their highest level.