The selection of GVC 1 exists of a mix of skilled Dutch and international football players, nearly all university students or recent alumni (since this year, only students can subscribe for GVC; alumni are allowed to stay up to 5 years after graduation).

To get an impression of the team, see the team photo of the season 2016-2017 below.

As of June 2017, we are happy to announce that we already got a considerable number of new members of the selection of season 2017-2018. Next to coach Marcel van Dijk (sportclub Makkinga, Friesland), we welcome:
– Defender Thijs van ‘t Hullenaar (sv NCC, Naarden, Noord-Holland)
– Midfielder Thijs de Klein (van SCP, Puiflijk, Gelderland)
– Midfielder Glenn van Lieshout (van vv Geldrop, Limburg)
– Midfielder Maarten Viswat (FC Knickerbockers, Groningen)
– Attacker Theun van der Woude (FC De Bilt, Utrecht)

And, actually, the real period of acquiring new members still has to start; traditionally we welcome many new members at the beginning of September.

All students are welcome, yet if you think about joining GVC1, please read below if you qualify:


Who qualifies for GVC 1?

To judge if you have the level needed to play in GVC 1: If you meet any of the following criteria, the coach of GVC 1 will most likely select you:

  • played in senior standard class competiton(s) (so, against 1st teams only)
  • played in Reserve 2nd class or higher competition(s)
  • one of the best players in a team competing in Reserve 3rd class
  • played in Youth Hoofdklasse or higher (but perhaps first transition phase in the 2nd team of GVC, to get accustomed to the physical aspect of senior men teams)