The football training sessions for men are held every Tuesday and Thursday. Players gather at 20.30h at the pitch for a chat and some ball touches, the ‘official’ program starts few minutes later (as soon as we have prepared the pitch).

At Tuesday we play on real grass (field D), at Thursday we practice at the artificial field (which is absolutely brilliant to play football on!). If you don’t know where to find us, please come five minutes before the start of the training, to dressing room nr. 16.

Unless there are less than 20 players, the group is divided into two (selection vs. recreational), so that everybody can practice at their own level.

We have three trainers. Our main trainer is Imre Overeem. Being late in his thirties, he still is the best striker in town. However, luckily for our opponents, his age does not allow him any more to play full matches. Instead, he has acquired a trainers licence (level B) and is, for many years already, the technical manager – the Sir Alex Ferguson of GVC! He focuses on tactics and passing. And not only does he speak Dutch and English, he also masters Spanish and a hand full of curses in Polish, German and Italian.

And then there is Wiebe Aans. Good old Wiebe Aans. 54 years old, and still going strong and playing at respectable level. Since this season he has taken up trainers tasks, in which he can transfer his years of experience to the new generation.

Last but not least: Ruben Guykens: Skilled attacking midfield player of GVC1, with trainers licence (level C). He is well able to increase your technique, from footwork to ball control and balance to kicking and making headers.