The football training sessions for men are divided in two groups. For GVC 1 the training sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday. Players gather at 20.30h at the pitch for a chat and some ball touches, the ‘official’ program starts few minutes later (as soon as we have prepared the pitch).

For GVC 2&3 the training sessions are held on Monday and Thursday. On Monday, the training will start at 20.15h and on Thursday we will start at 20.30h

At Tuesday we play on real grass (field D), at Thursday and Monday we practice at the artificial field (which is absolutely brilliant to play football on!). If you don’t know where to find us, please come five minutes before the start of the training, to dressing room nr. 16.

Unless there are less than 20 players, the group is divided into two (selection vs. recreational), so that everybody can practice at their own level.