Tearing apart the opponent’s defence

In a season where it is not all roses, one has to cherish the highlights. One such highlight was the away-derby against our ‘rival’ wvv Wageningen. In the recent past, Wageningen 1 often came out victorious, but this time in a sunny, sportive match on the beautiful forest edge accommodation of our opponent, GVC 1 was on the upper hand. The final score: 2-5!

There was real drama: A seemingly comfortable 0-2 lead evaporated within minutes (2-2 at half time), but then the players showed a resurrection in the second half. According to the local press, the attackers of GVC, under command of the tough forward Rex Steward ‘teared the opponent’s defence into peaces’. Click on the image below the read the full local news coverage (in Dutch; from the newspaper ‘Rijn en Veluwe’).

What more to come? In March GVC faces the direct opponents Kesteren, Musketiers (Elst) and SVF (Cothen). Exciting times at university sports centre De Bongerd…