GVC 3 is a surprising mix of footballers: It welcomes all students and PhD candidates, whether they are confident with the ball on the foot or not. (Well, there is a bottom line of course, the teams plays in an official competition – so, let’s say: nearly everybody :).

At the same time, the teams harbors some surprising powerhouses: Marco Dompe, the best keeper in Wageningen (educated by a former Juventus goalkeeper). The energetic Sven da Silva, who has been international for his cradle Aruba. And Francisco Benitez, Ecuadorian midfield dominator. In short, GVC3 is an opponent to be respected. Yet, whatever the result, the team happily makes fun in the canteen after the match.

Division: Reserve 6th Division
Match day: Saturday
Match time (home): 11:30 (Away, typically: 14.30h).
Team leader: Sven da Silva, Francisco Benitez Willem van Kan and