Why GVC 1?

Are you a university student and looking for a football club to play Standard Class? Join GVC 1!

  • We are a group of students that is in the process of becoming the proud football representative of Wageningen University.
  • We play our matches at an artificial pitch, so that we have good football facilities all year round.
  • We are a special mix of disciplined Dutch and skilled international students. Some of the Dutch students have played 3rd level or higher. Moreover, almost every year we have one or two international players who have been semi-prof in their country of origin.
  • We play against highest teams of nearby villages, in competitive but sportive matches.
  • We are focused during the 90 minutes of Saturday match, and we practice seriously, but at the same time we are flexible (we accept that sometimes a student has other things to do) and go for fun.
  • We are backed up by a 2nd team, which provides a soft platform to people at the start of their senior football career to, over time, gain experience in the standard class.
  • Every year, we have one or two international students who rank among the best of the whole competition.
  • With the transfer of students who already have experience in the standard class “thuisthuis” (you, perhaps?) we will work ourselves up to become an outsider in the competition (and probably even more…).
  • Lastly: We play at the top of the league (4rd ranking in the season 2018-2019), with dominant football.

So, we invite you to join our student team, and to be part of the movement of becoming a true flagship for Wageningen University.