GVC 1 Season 2020-2021

How GVC 1 will conquer Wageningen and surroundings? Or, in other words, what are the plans for the upcoming season?

Because GVC now has made the full transition to Thymos student sport association, the motto will be, also for GVC1: For students, and by students.

That means: We will take it serious, but actually: also not. There will be no pretending that we play Champions League. So, you may skip a training. Or, have a beer the day before match day. And even, party till late.

Yet, during the match, you will have to do your team tasks. And the student coaches and trainers will make sure that you are properly prepared. The training sessions are intense and functional: Focused on aspects that are needed during the game. And, focused on your personal learning objectives.

Based on how we behave before and after game, outsiders may get the impression will be that we are a bunch of unorganized students. On the field, however, we will show discipline and organization. And make full advantage of the surprising football qualities of Dutch and international students of Wageningen…

As always, the team will be a unique mixture of international football wizards and young talented Dutch students, who we give the opportunity to obtain experience in the standard class. (If you want to know if you quality for GVC1, please read more here).

The composition of the technical staff is being prepared. No names yet (hold on), but we can promise: it will be a young, vibrant and devoted staff.

Stay tuned!…