In the season 2019-2020, the managers of GVC1 are Riza Bican and Joost de Jong (both on picture below).

Riza Bican has much experience as coach and has UEFA Licence B. Importantly, he has an optimistic view on life – he likes to carry a smile. With this attitude, his aims are (1) to improve players at a personal level, and (2) to bring the tactical understanding and discipline that he thinks GVC1 could profit from.

Joost de Jong is a veteran of GVC. He has obtained his UEFA Licence C in spring 2019, and has years of experience as footballer and trainer at all teams of GVC. He will make sure that at the end of the training sessions you feel that (i) you are tired, (ii) have learned something and becoming a better footballer, and (iii) have enjoyed. During the matches, he is keen on guiding the team in becoming the dominant side.

The coaches of GVC1 in the season 2019-2020: Joost de Jong (left) and Riza Bican (right); photo credit: Dick Martens.