A new season is about the get started…

A new football season is about to start. The players of GVC have continued football during the summer season, and are eager to get started for real. Potential new members: Please know that you are just as welcome as Neymar is at PSG! Here we provide information about […]

Summer training

We simply cannot stop… A whole summer without football? Unthinkable! That is why at GVC we keep on training throughout summer. Be aware: Different from normal,the training starts at 20.00h. We stop at 21.45h, 15 minutes before the summer closing time of the sports centre. People not (yet) […]

GVC joins Thymos

GVC has made a new step in its transition back to 100% Student Football Club. On Wednesday June 21th, 2017, GVC was accepted to join Thymos, the umbrella organisation of student sport associations of Wageningen University. There are multiple beneficial implications of this, the most important one for […]