New in Wageningen? You are welcome at GVC

Interested in playing football during your time as a student of Wageningen University (or another high education institute)? GVC might just be the perfect club for you. We are an official student football club with a great history that competes at various levels of Dutch football. Our teams contain football players from all over the world and you are more than welcome to join us during the first weeks of the new academic year!

GVC offers a variety of teams that play official matches every week. Our teams cater to almost everyone’s individual qualities and motivation. You’ll undoubtedly be an asset to one of our teams.

GVC 1 – 4th class standard, Saturday

GVC 1 is the flagship of our club. The selection of GVC 1 mainly consists of domestic BSc and MSc students who are products of the Dutch football school, but also some very skilled international footballers (mostly MSc students) who bring elements of surprise. Our first team plays in the 4th class of the standard KNVB league and is looking to make an upswing in the years to come. With the recent signing of a very skilled coach, players of GVC 1 are sure to be making steps forward this season. Are you a football player that played in a first team already, played in the 2nd reserve class or higher, is one of the best players in a 3rd reserve class team or played Hoofdklasse or better during your junior career? GVC 1 is the team for you.

GVC 2 – 4th class reserve, Saturday

GVC 2 is our second selection team and is a stepping stone to GVC 1. Are you a good football player, but still unsure about GVC 1, or would you rather play football in a more leisurely setting without committing to training twice a week and playing in the weekend that follows? Are you a youth player that wants to adjust to the more physical aspects of senior football? GVC 2 is happy to welcome you! It is an interesting mix of players from all of the world, some of which have the ambition to join the 1st team (almost all GVC 1 players played for GVC 2 at some point), and others who could easily do so, but prefer to keep their football career at a bit lower profile. The leaders of GVC2 will be Robert Beij and Joost de Jong; both are board members and, more importantly, experienced field players who evaluate the season based on the number of players they prepared for a glorious debut in GVC1.

GVC 3 – 6th class reserve, Saturday

The third Saturday team of GVC is a mixture of GVC legends and the newbies in football. It is open for everyone who stays after the match to analyse, with the help of a beer, what went wrong during the match and how things can be improved next time. The goal is not to win every match, but to have to learn, both in terms of football skills as well in self-mockery skills. However, this season GVC3 may actually get an expected amount of points: ex-international Sven da Silva and warrior Willem have taken the role as team leaders and key players of GVC3. That means, battles on the midfield are already on GVC3 site!

GVC Sunday – 6th class reserve, Sunday

GVC Sunday is the team that prioritizes having fun, making friends, drinking a beer and playing some ball above all else (and, since few years, actually manages to play in the sub top of its’ league). Anyone that has ever played competitive football is welcome at GVC Sunday, whether you are a GVC 1 defender that wants to play up front for a change, or someone who would rather have a beer on a relaxed Sunday with a group of close friends after a game of football.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding one of the teams, please send an e-mail to We are happy to respond!



Unfortunately, GVC does not have a KNVB women’s team yet. In the near future, we really would like to start a team that participates in a KNVB competition. For the moment, we have two teams that participate in the Internal Competition, sometimes in a solely women competition, and sometimes mixed. Next to this, the ladies train every Wednesday. Training is supervised by coach Marcel Wenneker and one or two guys from GVC men team 1 and 2.

If you are interested in training with the women, you are welcome to join training Wednesday on the artificial pitch, starting September the 6th. The training starts at 19:30.


Introduction training

For potential new members, GVC offers introduction training sessions in August and September. As a potential new member, you are invited to join the training! Please be aware that introduction training sessions are only open for people considering to play matches. To avoid overcrowding, persons who not consider to play matches unfortunately cannot join during August and September. We apologise for the inconvenience, but we are limited in field capacity and training staff. You can find our introduction training schedule here. We are aware that the official amateur transfer period has already passed, but because we are a student team, there is a lot we can still do to make you a player of GVC.