A new season is about the get started…

A new football season is about to start. The players of GVC have continued football during the summer season, and are eager to get started for real.

Potential new members: Please know that you are just as welcome as Neymar is at PSG!

Here we provide information about the preparation: The GVC selection starts the preparation at Thursday August 17th. Practices matches are planned from Saturday August 26th onwards. The first competition matches are schedules for the weekend of September 23rd.

For potential new members, GVC offers introduction training sessions in August and September for both men and women. So, potential new members are invited to join the training. Please be aware that men introduction training sessions are only open for people considering to play matches for GVC. To avoid overcrowding, persons who not consider to play matches unfortunately cannot join during August and September. We apologise for the inconvenience, but we are limited in field capacity and training staff.


For men, the dates of introduction training sessions are mentioned below. Start time is 20.30, location is grass field D on Tuesday, and artificial pitch on Thursday, except indicated otherwise. You can use dressing room 16 from 20.15h onwards.

Thursday 24 August (Exception: Start time: 20h.)

Tuesday 29 and Thursday 31 August. (Exception: Start time: 20h and both training sessions are on artificial pitch.)

Tuesday 5 and Thursday 7 September (from this week onwards, training starts at 20.30h, and the Tuesday training is at real grass, field D.)

Thursday 14 September (so not Tuesday 12 September)

Thursday 21 September (so not Tuesday 19 September)

Again, during August and September only students considering to play matches for GVC are allowed to participate.


For women (Wednesdays, at 19.30h, grass field D.)

Introduction Training sessions are Wednesday 6, 13 and 20 September. The training will be supervised by our trainer Marcel Wenneker and players from GVC men teams 1 and 2.