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You are just 3 minutes away from making a whole squad of new friends. Fill in the form below, and we will arrange your KNVB player card, which makes you eligible to battle with your future friends in official soccer matches.

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    More information about your “WBA number”:

    You get the WBA number by omitting the first four digits of the barcode on your WUR card. That’s what you do with the last two digits as well. If the number left starts with one or more zeros, you can omit these zeros.

    If you do not yet have a wur card, please send us your WBA number later (but, please, as soon as possible).

    And note: do not forget to buy the university sports rights! (For the first weeks or even months, you do not have to worry about your GVC membership fee, but please make sure to buy university sports rights.) See more information here.