What does it cost?

Good news for you, poor student: GVC has one of the cheapest membership fees of all soccer clubs in the Netherlands. This is possible because we can freely use the facilities of university sportscentre De Bongerd, and because our coaches so much like football, that they organize trainings and supervise matches against a marginal compensation only – heros! Also, we are fortunate to be sponsored by Marcel Rozeboom Makelaardij, who financed the new outfit of GVC1 of 2014-2015.

So, what then is the actual membership fee?: €65 euro per season half! And, if you have a university sportscard, Thymos pays you €30 euro’s back. That means that for €100 you can practice twice a week and play competition matches every Saturday or Sunday, all season long.


For those who are not student (any more), the membership is €160/season. Recently graduated students (within a year) are lucky: they pay the student fee.

If you want to join trainings only, then the membership fee is only €40 per year.

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