Marcel van Dijk appointed GVC 1 manager

GVC have appointed Marcel van Dijk as their new manager for the season 2017-2018.

Manager Marcel van Dijk gives his signature for a one-year deal with GVC 1. Photo: Dick Martens

“The signing of Marcel van Dijk is of great significance for GVC 1. With Marcel van Dijk, GVC now arguably has the best coach in town,” the GVC board said of the man who has made career in both amateur and professional football clubs.

The 59-year old, who moves in from the north of the Netherlands, is UEFA A qualified. He has coached several senior men teams (NL: standaard 3e klasse) and women teams (NL: hoofdklasse). Earlier, he was head of the youth academy of Almere City FC and trainer of NEC A1. Importantly, he has experience with working with students, as he was coach of the women team of Knickerbockers, Groningen. Finally, he has been active for a football school in India, given him an open-minded, multicultural perspective.

“Van Dijk is perfectly suited for GVC. He not only understands the football game, he is also strong in the communication. What we especially appreciate is that he combines authority with flexibility and tolerance. His experience in student and international settings is crucial for somebody who wants to succeed at GVC.”

Van Dijk himself is enthusiastic as well, despite the low position of GVC 1 in the 4th class. “I like to work with students. And during the first meetings, I got a good feeling with GVC. I like challenges, and given the current positioning on the table, a tough task awaits me.”

A tough task, yet perhaps one with a great spin-off. “One should not underestimate the team. There is a lot of quality in GVC 1,” the GVC board said. “Current coach Guykens and his team have had some bad luck. As also noted by many of the opponents, the current position does not reflect the true performance of the team this year. In fact, there is a strong foundation on which Van Dijk can build. Despite the many marginal losses, there remains a positive vibe, which is remarkable achievement in itself, and shows the durability of this group. We are confident that in the next season, with Van Dijk and with some extra planned player signings, GVC 1 will make the step to the next level.”

Van Dijk signed the contract in the morning of Saturday April 15th, in front of the GVC board and his predecessor Ruben Guykens. After this summer, Guykens will continue his career at VVA Achterberg. “Ruben Guykens has done a great job. Despite the setbacks, also at personal level (major knee injury), he remained enthusiastic and positive, an attitude that appeared ‘contagious’, since the team responded to it. Moreover, Guykens has a clear tactical vision, and brought organisation to the team. Curiously, we have seen seasons with weaker performances but more points. We wish Ruben Guykens best of luck at his new club VVA.”

To enliven the meeting, Guykens was present to literally ‘pass the baton’. This gesture, as well as the contrast signing, was covered by the local newspaper ‘Hoog en Laag’. You can read the article below (in Dutch).