Season 2017-2018

Based on the position on the table, in 2016-2017 GVC 1 had a disappointing season (it ended in the lower regions). This is a dissonant in an otherwise upward line that started around five years ago. Few years ago, GVC did not have a 1st team. Since then, the club has been making changes, in multiple ways, and has grown in quality and quantity. Since three years, the club is back in the standard class. We have the ambition to become a solid outsider in the 4rd class from next season onwards, and to obtain promotion to the 3rd class within few years. After all, GVC 1 is the flagship of student football in Wageningen.

To reach our ambitions, for the season 2017-2018 we plan the following:

First, we leverage the positive developments in the selection of last and previous seasons. Not only there is quality, the team also made progression in tactics and organisation. Key players of the current selection will be active next season as well. Read more about the selection here.

Second, we are binding new students with experience in standard class and/or reserve 2nd class and higher (new students or students who now still play ‘thuisthuis’). Read more about who qualifies to play in GVC 1 here.

Third, importantly, we will hire a coach who has an excellent understanding of the football game, experience and success with high competitions, and great communication skills. Next to improving the team, the new coach should be able to make players better individually, such they can learn and improve. We achieved this in the person of Marcel van Dijk. See more information here.

If you are interested in playing football in the flagship of Wageningen University and in bringing this flagship to a higher level, and if you meet the criteria, you are welcome to ask more information via board[[ at ]]