We have 4 field football teams for men. You can play competition on both Saturday and Sunday. The field competition in the Netherlands runs from September until May, with a two month break during the winter, and is organized by the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association). During the season your team will compete in a competition with 11 to 13 other teams around Wageningen. Every weekend matches are scheduled, either at the away ground or at our home ground: University Sport Complex „De Bongerd‟ (a state-of-the-art artificial pitch).

GVC 1 (selection)

Division: Standard 4th Division 
Match day: Saturday
Time: 14:30

Technical manager: Imre Overeem
Assistent coaches: Ruben Guykens

Candia ’66, DVSA, Echteld, Ede/Victoria, Fortissimo, GVC, Kesteren, Lienden, Musketiers, Oranje-Wit, Uchta, Veenendaal, VVA Achterberg, WVV Wageningen. 


GVC 2 (selection)


Division: Reserve 3rd Division 
Match day: Saturday
Time: 12:00

Technical manager: Imre Overeem
Team captains: Joost de Jong

Advendo ’57 3,Bennekom 5, Blauw Geel’55 4, DTS Ede 5, GVC 2, Kesteren 2, Lienden 2, ONA’53 2, SDS ’55 3, Sparta Nijkerk 5, Sparta Nijkerk 6, WVV Wageningen 2.


GVC 2/Sunday

Division: Reserve 6th Division
Match day: Sunday
Time: 11:00

Team captain: Jorik van Laar

AAC-Olympia 2, Batavia 2, Blauw Wit 6, Brakkenstein 6, CHRC 2, DIOSA 3, Ewijk 5, GVC 2/Sunday, OSC 4, RVW 3, SCP 5 WAVV 3




Division: Reserve 6th Division
Match day: Saturday
Time: 14:30

Team captain: Manuel F. Rios Gaona

DFS sc 4, Duno D 5, EMM 2, Excelsior Zetten 4G, GVC 3, Leones 2, ONA ’53 3, OVC ’85 3, RSKV Driel 2, SCP 2, SKV 6, SVHA 2.