Soccer and Covid-19

While corona has considerable impacts on student life (mostly online education, hence less social student life), luckily the implications for football are minor. The bottom line is: Based on current insights and regulations, it is allowed and safe to play football outdoors.

Because football is outdoors and involves relatively few contacts moments (perhaps even less than you imagine), until now playing football has not been associated with corona spread events. Supporters – standing close to each other and shouting and singing – may easily spread the virus. Yet, football players not so much.

Hence, we are very happy to be able to play outdoor football. We have permission from the university sports center, and closely follow the regulations (explained below). The Dutch soccer association (KNVB) has planned cup and competition matches for the season 2020-2021, and hence from end of August 2020 onwards there will be football matches again!

In case of a second corona wave, we expect to continue to be able to offer football activities, albeit with extra restrictions. It may happen that a number of scheduled matches will be canceled, or even that temporarily any form of games (playing with two teams against other on the same field) is not allowed. We will then offer 100% non-contact football activities, including passing and finishing exercises. As shown during our training sessions in late spring 2020, this can be much fun as well! At GVC we have the experience to facilitate non-contact football training sessions. So, even then: 100% fun, 100% on campus, but also: 100% responsibility (hence, again, please read the safety measures explained below :).

Of course, we hope that there won’t be such extra restrictions on playing football. In any case (with or without new corona restrictions): it is safe to say that playing football at GVC is one of the best ways to enjoy ‘real-life’ interaction and challenge with fellow students.

That being said, during all GVC activities (training, matches, meetings) there will be safety measures. Trainers and coaches will make sure that these measures are known and obeyed by members. Please find below an overview of the safety measures:

  1. Register for training sessions and matches via the Heja GVC app (as a new member, ask the trainers to add you to this app)
  2. Keep 2 meter distance (outside games: always, during games: as much as possible)
  3. Clean your hands before and after training (gvc will supply disinfectant)
  4. Get dressed (and undressed) at home
  5. Leave the pitch immediately after training
  6. Park your bike in the designated area’s
  7. Follow the instructions of the trainers (and other players)
  8. Coach each other if necessary (in case measures are not sufficiently obeyed)
  9. Find the third man (football joke :), this is unrelated to corona)
  10. Have fun!

On top of this, trainers will make sure to clean the training materials.

If we all together obey to these rules, we can continue playing football and having fun together. Even in corona times! 🙂