Payment membership fee

At GVC we understand that students have a lot of expenses already: Room rental, groceries, the tuition fee, books, some nice journeys abroad, a beer now and then, and, for the lucky male students, the monthly gift (be it flowers or some chocolates) to keep your girlfriend happy.

That is why GVC has a cheap membership fee for students*. In the season 2015-2016, full members that are student pay €130 only. As a further reduction, students with a university sports card can get a €30 subsidy from the student sport organization Thymos, so that the actual membership fee is only €100 per season.

So, what do the non-student members pay? A reasonable €160 euro per season.

Those people who only join the training sessions and do no play matches pay €40 (guys) or €20 (girls).

GVC tries to arrange the payment in November, either via direct debit or, if you prefer that, by transfer. If you choose for transferring the money yourself, these are our bank details:

IBAN: NL92 RABO 0397 0973 87
Name of account:  “w.v.v. GVC”

* Some of you may wonder whether they classify as being a student yes or no. We consider you a student if (a) you are momentarily a student at an (applied) university or (b) graduated less than twelve months ago (yearly reference point: September).