Payment membership fee

At GVC, we are fortunate to use the excellent facilities of the university sports centre of Wageningen University. Yet, we do still have considerable expenses stemming from taking part in the KNVB competition, buying materials and paying compensation for the time and effort put in by our trainers/coaches.

That being said, we understand that students have a lot of expenses already: Room rental, groceries, the tuition fee, books, some nice journeys abroad, a beer now and then, and, for the lucky male students, the monthly gift (be it flowers or some chocolates) to keep your girlfriend happy.

So, that is why we have the following competitive membership fees:

If you are a student and you have Thymos sports card, the membership fee for the season 2017-2018 is €70 only (half season fee: €50). Be aware: The Thymos sports card is crucial. This card is €95 (to be bought at the reception of the sports centre) and gives you access to all facilities and activities of the university sports centre. from squash,  to swimming, to gym, to dancing classes, to martial arts, you name it. (Please make sure that you save enough time and energy for GVC.)

For all other people, be it students without Thymos sports card, or non-students (allowed up to five years after graduation), the membership fee for the season 2017-2017 is €160 (half season fee: €120). To this category also belong PhD students with a Dutch contract.


Those people who only join the training sessions and do no play matches pay €40 (guys) or €20 (girls).

GVC tries to arrange the payment in November. We will then ask you to transfer the membership fee to our account. These are our bank details:

IBAN: NL92 RABO 0397 0973 87
Name of account:  “w.v.v. GVC”