GVC is the Student Football Club of Wageningen. We are member of Thymos, the student sport association of Wageningen University. The bad news is: People who are not student cannot become member. Also, after five years of graduation, members have to leave the club. The good news is: We are students and we are proud to say that we have a lot of international players (from Italian to Polish, and Brazilian to Colombian!). For that reason, this website is in English. This is also the language that our trainers and coaches use during the trainings and in the dressing rooms.

The mission of GVC is provide fun through soccer to students of Wageningen University. Although this is most important, and we are already very happy if we obtain this objective, we of course also have an ambition in terms of performance: The aim of GVC is to become a stable top-5 club in the standard 4th class, with, perhaps, a period championship. The latter would give the possibility to fight for promotion to the 3rd standard class. Next to its first team, GVC has two recreational teams (a Saturday and a Sunday team). Hence, for each level, and each weekend day, GVC provides the possibility for students and graduates to play matches.

The home ground of GVC is University Sportspark De Bongerd. Matches are played on a modern artificial pitch.

Please take your time to find more information about our club on this website:
– For all readers, we highly recommend the section on our remarkable history.
– Clubs that need to play against us, can find direction info here.
– Students and graduates who consider to join GVC, please continue reading here.
– Entrepreneurs that consider sponsoring, can find information here (in Dutch).

We thank our sponsors: Wageningen UR & Thymos, Marcel Rozeboom Makelaardij, Escape Room Wageningen and Valentijn Hoveniers.