Claudio Bravo, Arturo Vidal and… GVC1 player Jorge

Photo: GVC1 player Jorge Vega Briones, in action against ONA’53. Herman Stöver

After an exciting battle, GVC1 lost the home match against front runner ONA’53 (0-2). Yet, the person stealing the show was undoubtedly Jorge, the Chilean superstar of GVC1. Positioned nr. 10 this match, Jorge exhibited his outstanding technical skills and heavily contributed to the team performance by functioning as a target man. In cooperation with the lightning fast striker Ussa Bugga, Jorge was a thorn in the flesh of the ONA’53 defense. Although Jorge forgot to reward himself with one or two goals, friends and enemies alike realized that he was unrivaled in the Player of the Match-contest. Reporter Roberto Cancian of newspaper De Gelderlander awaited Jorge in the rain after the match, and interviewed him about his football career. This career included being club mates with Claudio Bravo and Arturo Vidal. Whilst Claudio and Arturo stopped after secondary school, Jorge is now close to obtaining his masters degree. Meanwhile, he shines every Saturday of GVC! Read the full article below, in Dutch. Thanks to De Gelderlander, reporter Roberto Cancian and photographer Herman Stöver.