New in Wageningen? You are welcome at GVC

Interested in playing football during your time as a student of Wageningen University (or another high education institute)? GVC might just be the perfect club for you. We are an official student football club with a great history that competes at various┬álevels of Dutch football. Our teams contain […]

A new season is about the get started…

A new football season is about to start. The players of GVC have continued football during the summer season, and are eager to get started for real. Potential new members: Please know that you are just as welcome as Neymar is at PSG! Here we provide information about […]

Summer training

We simply cannot stop… A whole summer without football? Unthinkable! That is why at GVC we keep on training throughout summer. Be aware: Different from normal,the training starts at 20.00h. We stop at 21.45h, 15 minutes before the summer closing time of the sports centre. People not (yet) […]