Flight arrivals – go to dressing room 16

If you just arrived in The Netherlands to start your studies at Wageningen University and you like football, please know that you can drop your sport luggage in university sports centre dressing room 16 at Tuesday and Thursday night (just before 20.30h), to join our football training sessions. […]

Start 2nd competition half

The second half of the competition is about to start. GVC3 ended the autumn series as leader of the table and has a reputation to keep up. GVC1 and GVC2 gathered fewer points than hoped for. But based on an overall competitive performance of the first team and a […]

Wageningen’s best footballer (for a month at least)

We are proud to report that GVC1 player Douwe de Vries has won the November edition of the Intersport Winners Player of the Month election. Douwe plays for GVC1 several years already, yet has recently made a transition from forward to centre back. Despite a low period for the […]